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to have completed more than six months ago >> local history now. the house where steve jobs grew up and built apple computers is now a historic property. the his storal commission gave the house a december nation. they've been considering the proposal since jobs died the home is where jobs and his partner built their first 100 apple one computers the family moved into the home in 1968. it's now owned by steve's sister patricia. >> wow >> coming up next how a facebook smart phone app can turn you into an >>> if you haven't heard of bit strips there is a good chance you've seen them. character that's look like a lot of your friends. it's an overnight sensation, maybe too popular for makers to keep up. >> just another day on the news deck des being all i can think about was dinner having later tonight. the boss sent me fishing for a story about a story called bit strips so i headed down to a coffee shop where people who know about apps tend to hang out. >> do you use bit strips? >> no >> gregory explained they're colorful cartoons featuring characters that look like themselves >> peopl
. i was an elected official, a mother, a wife. i made a terrible, bad choichlts >> reporter: steve jakanie mailed me i am clean, soeb scombrer staying focussed on my sobriety. i have made too much progress to bring up the past. lockyear she says she used it while in his car. >> reporter: when the smoke filled your lungs was it clear to you that i'm in trouble? this is addicting? that wasn't a thought. i would have stopped. it was -- i enjoy this. i like it. and then, you know -- >> reporter: was it powerful attraction? >> immediate. >> reporter: nadya and bill began living apart. she says she tried to break up with him several times but he revealed he had a sex tape. >> reporter: did you consent to the video? >> oh, god no. no. in fact i would always check his phone to see if he had he recorded us before. >> reporter: bill lockyear found a copy of the sex video left in the mail box of their home. >> the pain. he had me if i was involved with someone. i said yes. >> reporter: the pressure continued to build until february 3, 2012. nadya tell meez someone was trying to access t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2